Residential Painting

 Expert Interior and Exterior Paint Application: Able to Perform jobs that are multicolor or inexpensive rental or sale repaints at budget prices.

 Expert application of exterior latex and oil base stains: Able to apply stains by airless paint spray technology to minimize brush strokes lap marks that can detract from these types of jobs.

 Expert Surface Preparation: Able to do drywall repairs, caulk, seal stains, strip wallpaper and perform minor carpentry repairs in order to prepare surfaces for painting.

House Washing

Wash all types of exterior surfaces with pressure: Removes chalking paint, mildew, loose paint and other debris. Water Pressure may damage surface if not used correctly.


Wash all types of exterior surfaces with cleaning solution: Removes dirt, dust and mildew. Cleans uniformly. Correct way to clean aluminum siding if it will not be repainted. Both Aluminum and vinyl siding can be painted.

Deck Pressure Cleaning and Sealing

 Wash all types of decks with high pressure water: High pressure water does an excellent job of removing old sealers. dirt, mildew, dust and algae from decks to prepare them for sealing, staining or painting.


Wash decks with low pressure and a cleaning solution: This type of cleaning will not damage the sealer or paint that is currently applied to the deck

Minor Carpentry Repairs

Remove and Replace small non-structural trim or siding pieces that have become damaged or rotten.

Wallpaper Stripping

Wallpaper removal and wall preparation: Removal of wallpaper even if in multi layers. Application of stain killer to seal in any residual stains. Then perform the patching of any drywall or plaster areas that are damaged.

Drywall and Plaster Repairs

Expert drywall patching and replacement of drywall where necessary. Taping of joints and corners. Replastering

Caulk Cracks and Glaze Windows

Filling of voids or cracks around windows, doors, and other trim or siding with caulking. Remove and replace glazing (window putty) in certain types of windows.

Gutters and Downspouts

Expert replacement of old or damaged gutters and downspouts. Also installation of various types of gutter guards.


Computer Rendering Now Offered

D & J Carpet & Tile now offers the option of computer-rendering your upgrades and paint choices so that you might see the results before spending the money to have the project completed. It is often difficult to discern how the color on a swatch is going to look on a wall. Color, lighting, size of coverage all play a part in the outcome. Regret of choices can be nearly eliminated using this method.

Frankly, we do not know of any general contractor offering this unique service. The costs are negligible when taking in consideration the cost of redoing a project. Yes, we can assist you with color and design choices, but ultimately, our customer makes the final choice.

This technique requires our CAD designer to go onsite and take a number of high-resolution photos. They are later entered onto the design station system where color manipulation and modifications are made. Color printouts can then be generated or graphical representations can be emailed as photos. We still perform typical color tests for visual confirmation, whereas digital color matching is not a perfect science.