Randy was offering a tile and grout cleaning Big Deal special in conjunction with Angie’s List. After we purchased the deal, I contacted him by email to schedule an appointment. We decided on a date and Randy stopped by a week or so ahead of time to assess the job. Randy returned with a helper to complete the work the following week. Everything went smoothly and we’re very pleased with the work. DJ is a good company and we would not hesitate to call them again.”

Gary Dolick
March 16, 2012 – Indianapolis, IN

When we initially contacted Randy, it was based upon the fact that he had conducted work on our property before. Randy promptly returned my inquiry and met us at our home. After reviewing problem areas, from woodpecker damage to some wood boards and carpenter bees, his estimate included a thorough power wash of a two-story home with vinyl siding, wood trim and brick front. His crew initially power washed the entire house which made it look much cleaner. It had been four years since the last time it was power washed and a total of 7 years since the last paint job. His crew started on Friday afternoon and completing all power-washing that day. They started again on Saturday with a final hit of a couple of areas they were unsatisfied with on the power wash, coupled with needing a 40ft ladder to reach the peak of the home. Painting started the next afternoon after everything had dried out. Work continued over a four-day period with some down time due to rain and the need to let the wood dry out. The house received two coats on the wood trim plus replacement of all wood rot on the chimney where he replaced a 2/3 strip on both sides primed and then painted. All areas where there was rot were replaced with new wood and areas damaged by the carpenter bees were injected, sealed and painted. In addition to the painting, he replaced the outside door lighting which was not originally included in the pricing and touched up the mail box coat so that everything looked pristine.”

Robin Nichols
March 16, 2012 – Indianapolis, IN

Randy came to appointment as scheduled. We walked through area to be addressed and discussed some additional items we wanted addressed. Randy performed work by himself and did a wonderful job with all aspects–cleaning, sealing/changing grout lines and replacing tile. He pointed out helpful things along the way and was pleasant and professional. To be honest, we were reluctant to purchase the BIG DEAL since we hadn’t heard of D&J Construction but the deal was too good to pass up. Since the BIG DEAL stipulated only one per household, we scheduled the rest of our tile to be cleaned by a more well known and highly rated company. After looking at the work, would definitely use D&J over the other vendor going forward. The D&J cleaned tile had a better finish and shine. Randy was very meticulous and didn’t hesitate to apply a little elbow grease to get the job done well. Only wish we could still upload pictures to reviews so everyone can see the before and after pictures.”

David & Natashia Bigsby
March 22, 2012 – Indianapolis, IN

Randy arrived promptly and got to work measuring and prepping the tiled floors to be cleaned. He covered areas he did not want to get wet such as cabinet doors, adjoining wood floors, and carpeted surfaces. He then used a machine to clean the tile and grout, while hand scrubbing some areas that needed extra help. At the end of that process, he buffed the tiles. Randy then applied sealer to the grout in my kitchen area. Randy explained to me the process he would be using before he started. I appreciated knowing how he was going to get the job accomplished. He also called the next day to see if the job met my expectations. It did.”


James Caskey
March 27, 2012 – Indianapolis, IN

Randy was very responsive in scheduling our service appointment. He was very punctual and communicated prior to arriving to help us plan appropriately. We needed additional services and he offered them at a very reasonable price. He was very efficient in the use of his time. He was very neat and careful not to impact areas adjacent to where he was working. He was careful to explain the service he was providing and how he would do the work. He also showed us other problems he encountered but did not pressure us to provide the solution. We were very pleased with his work and with the overall experience.”

Doug & Jane Haltom
April 04, 2012 – Greenwood, IN

Randy Jones is a very personable and professional hard-working individual. He took time to make small talk even tough it was a Saturday (of Easter weekend) and he had lots to accomplish. He was quick and efficient, leaving our home a better and cleaner place. It was a pleasure to wake up Easter morning and walk downstairs on our spotless tile and grout from our front door through the foyer and back to our kitchen. Job well done. Randy also called us today to make sure we were satisfied customers. Definitely would recommend him to others.”

Howard Cox
April 07, 2012 – Indianapolis, IN