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Spring is a great time clean those airducts!

    Spring is a great time clean those air-ducts!

Painting, Carpet Cleaning & Tile Installation – D & J Carpet & Tile!

We specialize in custom exterior and interior painting along with general contracting services such as room additions and remodeling. To expand our services even more, the carpet cleaning division was created. We use a warm water extraction system which nearly all carpet manufactures and carpet fiber producers recommend. Within a few short years, our reputation has grown and requirements for additional equipment and vans continue to mark our expansion. Call 317-577-9798.

We strive not only to provide the highest quality workmanship, but also have stunned the community with our low prices compared to the competition. We often provide twice the services for a fraction of the cost compared to other local contractors. While others may exaggerate their claims, we back them with a long list of satisfied customers. In every other industry, one company stands out as a symbol of superior quality. In the carpet cleaning and home painting business, we are determined to be that company.

D & J Carpet Cleaning Technology

We use the patented “Bane-Clene® System” which is used or recommended by the major carpet manufacturers in the country. Our service vans are fully equipped with Bane-Clene® equipment, which allows us to handle your carpet, upholstery, and drapery cleaning needs at your location. All of our equipment remains in the van during the cleaning. All that we bring into your house is a couple of hoses and the cleaning tool similar to a vacuum wand. Our technicians are uniformed, fully insured, factory trained and certified. They are continually updated on the latest cleaning techniques, cleaning agents, and equipment through regional schools and workshops.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Tile and grout, as well as other hard surface floors, are often a problem because they are usually located in high-traffic zones that get abused such as the kitchen, bathroom, and garage. Sweeping and wet-mopping can force grime and even odors into your grout and cracked surfaces and seal them in. Let us show you how we can remove even pernicious pet stains and odors from any hard surface floor. We are proud to use the High-Pressure Hard Surface Tile and Grout cleaning system by Bane-Clene®. The tile and grout system cleans like no other tool of its kind. This machine allows us to get after tile, grout, concrete, vinyl composite tile, rubber floors, and other hard surfaces vigorously with water pressures of up to 2500 psi and a water temperature of up to 230ºF.The tile and grout system is no surface cleaner – it is a deep-down penetrating grout cleaner whose effectiveness is second to none. Whether you have problem surfaces that need special attention or just want your hard surface floor to “pop” with a sparkling clean appearance that leaps off the floor, D&J are the people to talk to! Other grout cleaning services tend to treat one or two problems, where we provide the full spectrum of benefits to clean grout thoroughly without diminishing appearance or longevity.